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Behind the Brand

What's AMaVo?

AMaVo is a women’s apparel and lifestyle shop that builds beautiful + practical wardrobes while putting Christ first.

We believe true confidence exists when we feel comfortable in our own skin and are confident in who we are as females and as daughters of the King.

We are created in His image and His work is perfect. AMaVo has set out to instill this truth in every woman that finds our shop.

What's up with the antler?

The AMaVo Logo combines a clothing hanger and a deer antler.  

The deer antler is a symbol of instinctual energy, spiritual authority, and regeneration.  

Connecting the deer antler and the clothing hanger embodies our goal of using apparel as a part of our mission in clothing women in strength and dignity by regenerating their sense of self confidence and beauty in Christ. 

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