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Warrior Princess Ballerina

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I’m eager to tell you a story about my 4 year old daughter, Novella. It ties into our previous discussion about Psalm 139 (read more on that here) and it is our deepest desire for you all to believe that truth! 

A few weeks ago we were driving to an appointment. She said, “Mom! Let’s play I spy!”  We love playing this on our rides and I love to hear the things my kids come up with! (anyone else relate?!) 

After a few rounds back and forth I say, “I spy something beautiful!”  Without missing a beat she replies, “Me!” as she raises her hands!  I just grinned from ear to ear and cheered her answer on! I then said, “How did you know?!”  She says, “Well, DUH mom!”  

Oh man.....our kids just say the darnedest things, huh? 

I love her confidence and I told her I hope she always has that! I love that she knows and feels she's beautiful at such a young age.

You see, we've been pouring that truth into her since the day she was born. We are very very quick to tell her how beautiful she is and how powerful she is and how brave she is.

My husband calls her his "Warrior Princess Ballerina."

This is what he speaks to her, "You are a warrior who fights for what she believes in. A princess is pure royalty, and a treasure. A ballerina dances because she is filled with so much love." (I know!  Tear!! It really is so precious

We remind her DAILY how perfectly she was created and how LOVED she is by us, and most importantly by God

I know we weren't all raised with these reminders.

Part of that day in the car with Novi broke my heart because I know how many women struggle believing they are beautiful inside AND outside. We hear the comments made in the dressing rooms about our bodies and how we “think” we look. We make decisions based on the lies we are told over and over again.

It truly comes down to just believing what Christ has said about us. Psalm 139 is that reminder to us. It’s His truth. And as hard as it is to believe, we have to start somewhere. That’s what this community is all about! 

We are far from perfect parents- we fail every day! BUT one thing we have done is commit to instilling the Word of God in our children and point them in HIS direction. We can make a difference with the little people around us...and anyone we come into contact with!  It starts with us!




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