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5 Tips to Open Your Bible More - Slow Down Saturday

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Want to grow deeper in your spiritual walk?

The number one way to do that is to spend more time reading your bible.

Crazy, right?!

But not as easy as it sounds.

We get it ladies. We are the first to understand the “busy” trap. I think we can all agree we’ve gotten caught up in it. But truly, being in the Word and learning about God’s heart is so important for us to grow as women. We will be better wives, better momma’s, better friends, daughters, sisters and just better for this world! 

So it starts with US. We need to make the choice to commit to reading our bibles.

We want to give you 5 “tips” to start spending more time in the Word. 


1) Find a Bible that sparks JOY for you. Whether it’s a journaling bible, an illustrating bible, a devotional bible, or just a really “pretty” bible- it’s the start to making a commitment. 

2) Grab some bible highlighters. These help to highlight verses or words that jump out of the page for you. They make it easier to come back to and memorize and they add some fun color to the pages. You’ll want to be sure they are specifically “bible highlighters” so they don’t bleed on the thin pages. 

3) Set aside 30 mins in your day. Literally schedule it in. Whether you wake up 30 minutes earlier in the day, over your lunch break, or cut out that Tv show at night- we can all find 30 minutes in our day. Truly this should be our first commitment of the day. It sets the tone for your heart and is truly enriching. 

4) Find an accountability partner. Someone who you can compare notes with, talk about scripture with, and just someone who will hold you accountable to keeping your 30 minutes in the Word. It could be your husband, your sister, best friend, boyfriend, or even your kids! But ask someone to walk along side you. 

5) Find a bible reading plan. If you’re thinking it’s just too much and overwhelming and have no idea where to start, find a bible reading plan that simplified things and helps you to just START. There are so many plans on the internet. A simple google search will pull up hundreds. Find one that seems fitting and just get started!

As always, we're here to equip you with exactly what you need! Check out our lifestyle section for our most recent items to incorporate into your faith journey. 


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