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5 Simple Ways To Choose THE WORD.

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Choosing The Word over the world means intentionally surrounding yourself with more Godliness.


It means making time for scripture + prayer and eliminating worldly distractions + negativity. 


How can we do that in this fast paced, social media focused, weary world?

Here's five simple starter steps to get your heart in the right place:


1) Christian Radio. 

Choose to switch the station to one that glorify's your beliefs rather than today's "hottest hits" glorifying a completely different lifestyle. 


2) Old School Alarm Clock.

Find yourself checking your phone right as you fall asleep or even first thing in the morning? Yep, us too because our phones sit on our night stands to act as alarm clocks. There's a better (more old school) way that may help you grab for your devotional in the morning after hitting snooze instead of mindlessly scrolling.


3) Turn a verse into a Mantra. 

Sure, you could pick any pinterest quote, but we urge you to instead find a verse and learn its context and true meaning. If diving into the bible to find one is intimidating, you can still search online for a verse that pertains to your heart's circumstances. Make it a mantra by writing out + placing this verse everywhere - on your bathroom mirror, on your phone background, in your email signature etc...


4) Follow Like Minded Communities.

You may not be physically surrounded by women on your same faith walk but don't let that stop you! There are a ton of online communities to follow along with + join. We are happy to have you as a part of ours and you may find Proverbs 31 Ministries useful + uplifting as well! 


5) Track + Limit Phone Usage.

Did you know your smart phone can track your screen time? Use an ap or your phones built in settings to track the amount of time spent on social media - where else could you use this time? Set a personal goal to limit your screen time OR start by set ting a cut off time like: no phone after 8pm.


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