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    {Music Monday} "Shoulders"

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    {Music Monday} "Heartbeat"

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    {Music Monday} "This Is Living"

    Posted on
    Music Monday is Hillsong Young & Free's brand new hit "This is Leaving" featuring Lecrae. This seriously upbeat and catchy tune has dancing in our seats.

    {Music Monday} "Soul On Fire"

    Posted on

    Third Day is one of our favorite groups, so this week our #MusicMonday pick goes to their hit, "Soul On Fire". We feel this song is catalyst for great things - an invigorating listen with an important message about being eager for God.

    {Music Monday} "Great I Am"

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    {Music Monday} Reckless

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    Our #MusicMonday pick this week is Jeremy Camp's "Reckless". Take a listen and let us know your thoughts!

    {Music Monday} "Completely"

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    This week, our #MusicMonday is Among the Thirsty's "Completely". These lyrics strike right to the core. Take a listen!

    {Music Monday} "I Am Not Alone"

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    Kari Jobe's "I Am Not Alone" is our #MusicMonday selection this week. We can't help but love this new tune from such a talented songstress and worship leader.

    {Music Monday} "How Can It Be"

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    This week's Music Monday is dedicated to Lauren Daigle's "How Can It Be". Her powerhouse voice and sincere message resonate with us. Comment and let us know - are you loving her sound and what she has to say?

    {Music} Christmas Eve Playlist

    Posted on
    Merry Christmas Eve, AMaVo loves!
    We've assembled a list of Christmas Eve worthy tunes to listen the day away with your friends and family.
    Click play to revel in the songs of the season ---->

    {Music Monday} "All is Well"

    Posted on
    This week, our Music Monday features Carrie Underwood and Michael W. Smith's rendition of "All is Well". It's Christmas week and we're loving the power of this praiseful song! Comment and tell us your favorite inspirational Christmas tune.

    {Music Monday} "Love Does"

    Posted on
    Our Music Monday this week is dedicated to Brandon Heath's "Love Does". It may not be new, but it's certainly a favorite.

    {Music Monday} "You Are Not Alone"

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    Our latest #MusicMonday on repeat here at AMaVo is Owl City's "You Are Not Alone".
    We're loving the inspirational lyrics and distinctive sound.
    What do you think? We want to hear from you!

    {Music Monday} "Remain"

    Posted on
    Music Monday this week goes to Royal Tailor's "Remain". Not only does this song have a catchy beat, but is a great reminder of God's unfailing, everlasting love. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

    {Music Monday} "Greater"

    Posted on
    This week we just can't get enough of MercyMe's "Greater". We loved their hit "I Can Only Imagine", and now we can't stop listening to this great new hit. Check out the music video and let us know how it inspires you!

    {Music Monday} "Made New"

    Posted on
    This week's Music Monday goes out to Lincoln Brewster's "Made New".

    {Music Monday} "Lord I'm Ready Now"

    Posted on
    This week's Music Monday is dedicated to Plumb's "Lord I'm Ready Now". This poignant tune's lyrics drive it home, and we feel a sincere honesty to the words.
    Let us know - Do you love it?

    {Music Monday} "You Make Me Brave"

    Posted on
    This week we're discussing Bravery and fittingly felt an inspirational Music Monday choice was Bethel Music's "You Make Me Brave".

    {Music Monday} 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)

    Posted on
    Matt Redman's 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) isn't a new release, but it's certainly a favorite...(Read More)

    {Music Monday} "King of My Heart"

    Posted on
    We love how it speaks about the struggle of being pulled in multiple directions and how our Savior is bigger than any battle we're fighting.
    Take a listen and let us know what you think...(Read More)

    {Music Monday} "Something in the Water"

    Posted on
    Our Music Monday this week is dedicated to Carrie Underwood' s new hit, "Something in the Water"...(Read More)

    {Music Monday} "No Man is an Island"

    Posted on
    This week's Music Monday goes out to Tenth Avenue North's "No Man is an Island"...(Read More)

    {Music Monday} "Hope in Front of Me"

    Posted on
    Our Music Monday this week is Danny Gokey's inspirational "Hope in Front of Me"...(Read More)

    {Music Monday} Casting Crowns "Thrive"

    Posted on
    We can't help but love Casting Crown's "Thrive" for this week's Music Monday. Their message reminds us to never stop thirsting for God's love and to eternally aspire to know His heart...

    {Music Monday} "Start A Fire"

    Posted on
    Our Music Monday this week is dedicated to Unspoken's "Start A Fire"....

    {Music Monday} "Brave"

    Posted on
    Our Music Monday this week is dedicated to Moriah Peter's latest album release, "Brave".

    {Music Monday} Lifelight Playlist

    Posted on
    Check out our Lifelight playlist here

    {Lifestyle} 13 Ways to Effectively Eliminate Stress

    Posted on
    13 Ways to Effectively Eliminate Stress
    With our busier than ever daily lives, it's no shock that the majority of us walk around with some level of stress. We're giving you 13 ways to explore alternative avenues to find a sense of calm.

    {Music Monday} "You Won't Let Go"

    Posted on
    With Lifelight fast approaching, we give the Music Monday title to Michael W. Smith's "You Won't Let Go". We can't wait to see this powerful voice perform live in a few weeks. Catch Michael on Sun, Aug 31, 2014 at Lifelight Festival.

    {Music Monday} "You Are"

    Posted on
    coltondixon1This week at AMaVo, we're loving Colton Dixon's hit "You Are". This American Idol front-runner will be performing at this year's LifeLight Festival in Worthing, SD on August 30th.

    {Music Monday} "Live With Abandon"

    Posted on
    We're assigning the weekly Music Monday to none other than Newsboys. We're loving their lyrics that pour out their dedication to Jesus. Hopefully we can all take a listen and aspire to "live with abandon"!

    {Music Monday} "Forgiven"

    Posted on
    With our weekly theme of forgiveness, we thought Sanctus Real's "Forgiven" was an apt pick for Music Monday. The lyrics resonate with us about God's unfailing forgiveness. Take a listen...

    {Music Monday} "This is Amazing Grace"

    Posted on
    Phil Wickham
    Another week, another opportunity to reflect on what's vital to us here at AMaVo. This time around we're reflecting on gratitude. So this edition of Music Monday features Phil Wickham 's "This is Amazing Grace". We're playing this hit on repeat.

    {Music Monday} "Hello, My Name Is"

    Posted on
    Music Monday
    This week's Music Monday features Matthew West's "Hello, My Name Is". We love the encouraging, redemptive themes in this song and hope it instills a persistent spirit in you for this week.

    {Music Monday} "I Will Follow"

    Posted on
    Today we launch a new weekly verse that will guide us in our daily efforts at AMaVo. For our first edition, we focus on striving for a servant heart. We felt inspired by Philippians 2:3

    This verse motivated us to seek music that aligned with our weekly purpose. With this in mind, we selected Chris Tomlin's "I Will Follow". Take a listen.

    {Music Monday} Sensational Summer Tracks

    Posted on

    For this week's Music Monday, we compiled a summer playlist with 20 of our favorite tracks. We hope these songs inspire, encourage and provide an upbeat soundtrack for your sensational summer! Enjoy.

    {Music Monday} "Press On"

    Posted on
    Building 429
    Building 429 is the focus of this week's Music Monday. Perhaps known for their #1 song, "Where I Belong", this quartet continues to put forth tracks that encourage and invigorate.

    {Music Monday} "Fix My Eyes"

    Posted on
    Fix My Eyes
    We couldn't do a Music Monday without featuring a new release from one of our favorite groups, for King & Country. This Christian pop duo consists of brothers Joel and Luke, who aim for a unique compositional style and deeply motivational messages.

    {Music Monday} UNITED

    Posted on
    This week's Music Monday features contemporary Christian group UNITED. The group originated out of Hillsong Church in Australia. Their credo states, "Committed to creating a musical expression that is almost...

    {Music Monday} Moriah Peters

    Posted on
    Moriah Peters 2
    Today we're highlighting the talents of the lovely artist, Moriah Peters. The contemporary Christian singer/songwriter and former American Idol contestant recently released the upbeat single, "You Carry Me".

    {Music Monday} "Keep Your Eyes Open"

    Posted on
    We're excited to start our new Music Monday segment! Every Monday we'll be sharing our favorite and most inspiring playlists, videos, songs, lyrics...
    The first video we're presenting to you is one of our all-time favorites:  "Keep Your Eyes Open" from NEEDTOBREATHE.

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