My Favorite Fall Things {Coffee with Rachel}

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Fall, fall, fall! One of my all-time favorite things is FALL! Maybe it’s because I’m a  September baby, but fall is definitely a season that has grown on me. I have fond memories of raking piles of leaves with my brother and then racing to leap into them. I also remember when I was a little girl sitting and listening to my mom and her best friends chit chat about “big girl” stuff with their fuzzy socks on, a fluffy blanket wrapped around their legs, and of course a fancy cup of hot apple cider in their hands. There are so many wonderful, heart-warming things about fall…

I’m a huge boots lover! If I could wear boots with everything, I absolutely would. So when fall makes it’s debut I make sure I have all my boots lined up in my closet and ready to go! Another thing I love about fall fashion is the colors, of course. My eyes have always been drawn towards darker, richer colors so I’m all for fall colors. My favorite fall shades this year are mustard and burgundy. I’m also trying to incorporate more comfy, slouchy tops and patterned leggings into my fall wardrobe. I actually just purchased some floral lace patterned leggings from AMaVo. They’re definitely my new favorite item! But my favorite thing about fall isn’t just the fabulous fashion, it’s everything else the season brings as well…

I love so many things about fall. I love the way the red, orange, and yellow leaves dance in the wind when I’m on my evening walks back at my parent’s house in the country. I love just walking into candle stores and taking in all the new pumpkin, cinnamon, and vanilla scents. They make me want to wrap up in my favorite blankie with a good book and a plate of molasses sugar cookies. Fall really has a way of making me appreciate the little things, like going for an evening walk in the cool autumn air, seeing families carving pumpkins together, driving past a football field and seeing those Friday night lights, or just sitting back and appreciating the beauty of the season. I’m just so happy God gave us fall!


What're your favorite things about Fall? Let us know in the comments!


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