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Quest For Change

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Starting fresh, starting new…a proclamation made daily by people searching for change. And in the process takes a toll on those who are seeking. Why? We are creatures of habit. Change looms as the Goliath in our lives.

Isaiah 43:12 has given me just the formula I need to jump-start my quest for change.

Gods speaks, “Whenever you have thrown away your idols, I have shown you my power. With one word, I have saved you!” (Living Bible)


You may be asking, what is considered an idol? An idol is any person, idea, or thing that becomes a target of worship in your life (with the exception of God). You regard the idol with complete adoration, admiration, and/or devotion. It becomes a substitute for “the things of your heart.” Idols weigh us down. There’s no life in idols…they are devious, always luring their victims into a trap.
What has become your idol? A bad habit? The need to feel accepted by everyone? A need for power and control? The almighty dollar? Gossip? You get the picture. I hold steadfast to God’s promises because He is the truth. He knows what is best for me, so asking to remove idols from my life opens the door to His wisdom, power, and blessings. It allows room for new growth resulting in change.


Dear friends, are you ready for change? If so, release those idols one at a time. Then, let God take care of the rest. He will be the spark for change! You see, changed hearts change people. And I am betting you will feel lighter in the process.

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