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A Mother's Day Video

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Hello AMaVo loves!!  

Happy Mother's Day!!  I've been so excited for this particular blog post.  We put together the most sentimental video for all of you....I can't wait for you to see it {wink}

I believe being a mom has been my biggest blessing in life!  I love being a mom.  I love being called a mom.   I also love providing an inspiring place for moms to gather whether that place is our website,, or our boutique in South Dakota. I absolutely cherish each time I get to encounter like minded mothers, and mom-to-be's :)    

I think it's so important as moms to lift each other up.....with our words and actions.  Listen, being a mom is amazing, but it's also one of the hardest jobs around.  Can I get an amen?!  We don't need to make this job harder by comparing ourselves to other moms, talking about what someone let their kid do, comparing the schools we send our kids to, or the clothing we put on their backs.   Let's bless each other!   Pray for each other!  Be there for each other....and ultimately we all win in the end....especially our kids!  

We encourage our community of moms to engage with each other.  Comment on our posts, asks questions, compliment each other!  It's my dream to have a community of women that lift each other up constantly....and feel inspired and encouraged.  

I do want to mention, and lift up in prayer, anyone who has lost their mother...or dreams of being a mother.....or has lost a child.  I am sure Mother's Day is more difficult and hard to endure.  And we pray for peace and strength for you!  YOU are loved immensely...and not forgotten.  

To honor all mothers, we put together a short video. I am so excited about this video!  Especially because it has my two blessings in it {wink, wink}  Press Play!



We would love to hear from you!  What do you love about being a mom?  What are some of your struggles!  Leave a comment below to share with our community!  And if you loved this video and want other moms to hear a word of inspiration, please share this video on your favorite social media platform!

I pray all of you have a very blessed Mother's Day!  

---with love&grace---



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  • Karri: May 07, 2015

    That was such a beatiful tribute to woman and MOMs!!! Thank you for sharing

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