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Swoon Worthy Lace Sweaters

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Feeling like it's time to add that go-to piece to your closet for spring?  The piece that is always there for you when you need never fails to make you look "put together" and feel "complete"   When you struggle with what to wear with your new faded boyfriend jeans or with your black high waisted maxi skirt, we've got the solution!

Meet our two newest lightweight lace sweaters for spring:

The Mocha Lace Sweater, shop here.

 & The Apricot Lace Sweater, shop here.

 We're thrilled most with these two lace sweaters because they aren't just your typical, boring sweater.  Nope- they have character!  And an AMaVo gal has we're sure you'll want these two lace sweaters in your closet.

Both are lightweight....a MUST for spring and summer weather!   Both are neutral, soft colors.....which is always a plus because sometimes we just want to chill out with our color.   And both have unexpected places too!

Check out their delicate details:


You deserve to feel beautiful.  You deserve to feel feminine and brave.  You deserve to be original and stand out from the crowd!  These two sweaters will help you achieve your fashion goals.  So wether you're hanging at a coffee shop, blogging, or just strolling around with your espresso, our lace sweaters will you give you the confidence you need to conquer the world!  


Now it's YOUR turn!  We'd love to hear what trend you're loving this spring or how you'd wear these lace sweaters.   We'd love for you to comment below & let us know!

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