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{AMaVo Reads} 5 Favorite Inspirational Books

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Some days there's nothing better than sitting down and taking time apart to simply read. It's a part of life that often falls to the wayside when we're busy and stressed with the daily tasks of life. However, enriching our spirit and mind are also an important aspect that we shouldn't neglect. We challenge you to pick up a book in your spare time and critically think. Ponder the topics and engage in some difficult questioning. You'll be surprised in how your inner voice responds and how much you can grow! Here at AMaVo, we certainly have a list of favorites...but here's what we've been reading lately...

The 4:8 Principle - Tommy Newberry

This must-read not only emphasizes focusing on finding the joy in your life (centered around Philippians 4:8), but it provides practices and ways to realistically incorporate it in your everyday life.


Image: Tommy Newberry


The Best Yes - Lysa Terkheurst

We make endless decisions -- even within 24 hours. This gem elaborates on saying Yes to God, and how to prioritize hard choices. Terkheurst is a strong voice on being a modern woman of faith.

Image: Relentless Journey

Loves Does - Bob Goff

Goff's conversational tone makes him instantly likable, and his stories inspire you to go out and do great things in faith...and with love. Because, as the title indicates, Love Does. Goff shares his adventures in life and how situations showcase God's intentions for our capacity to love one another.

Image: Fierce Marriage

Battlefield of the Mind - Joyce Meyer

Meyer is a master of the "self-help" genre. This book challenges readers to "change their lives by changing their minds".

Image: Amazon

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

This bestseller rose to popularity after being selected as an Oprah favorite, but it offers countless ideas on the power of positive thinking to increase "wealth, health and happiness".

Image: Simon & Schuster Canada


Which of these books have you already read? Are any of them now on your "To-Read List"? Comment and be part of the discussion!


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  • Dawn: February 15, 2015

    Thanks for these suggestions. Always looking for a good book to read. I have not read any of these books. But, I have read a couple of books by LysanT, she is a really good author, and a very wise women. Will definitely be digging into a couple of these. Maybe we will get another snow storm soon.

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