{Lifestyle} 13 Ways to Effectively Eliminate Stress

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13 Ways to Effectively Eliminate Stress

With our busier than ever daily lives, it's no shock that the majority of us walk around with some level of stress. We're giving you 13 ways to explore alternative avenues to find a sense of calm.

1. Get Moving. Exercise is already a well known remedy for many issues. But what keeps it working is consistency. You'll not only take pride in your regimen and the results, but the regular implementation of physical activity can leave you feeling much more relaxed and rejuvenated.

2. Munch on Superfoods. You'd be surprised at the delicious flavors present in some of the most popular power foods. The overall benefits they can reap are tremendous, but they have been specifically noted to make significant differences in stress. Add blueberries, pumpkin and broccoli to your grocery list!

3. Engage in Meaningful Social Activity. Splurge with some lengthy conversation over lunch and catch up with an old friend. Better yet, grab your best girlfriend and come shopping. Exchanging developments in your lives and being a good listener will ensure an advantageous interaction for everyone involved.

4. Set Aside Time for Devotional & Prayer.  Spending quiet, singular time with God can shed tremendous light on your thoughts and what might be plaguing you. Keep this up with a daily devotional and you're likely to feel your spirit soar by acknowledging you can't carry the burden alone. Need a devotional to get started? We love Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

5. Start a Yoga & Meditation Routine. These age-old activities are time-tested relaxation techniques. And focusing on your breathing goes a long way and does wonders for your physiological state. Seeking serenity? Sign up for a yoga class or find a great youtube channel.

6. Tune in and Turn up the Volume. Dance it out with a playlist of your favorite upbeat tunes, or find your calm listening to a collection of soft jams. Elevate your mood by simply by playing your top-rated songs.

7. Dive into a Book. Time flies by when you're reading a great book. Lose yourself in an enthralling adventure or be enlightened by a great piece of non-fiction. Check out our new AMaVo Book Club, launching August 25th. We'd love for you to join us in reading our first selection, Love Does by Bob Goff.

8. Be Creative. Putting your energy into a craft and expressing yourself in art can divert your anxious energy into something productive. Pick up knitting needles, start scrapbooking your cherished memories, or paint a canvas. It doesn't matter your skill level - learning something new can channel your agitated energy into a practice that will help you unwind.

9. Indulge in a nostalgic activity. Remember how excited you used to get about feasting on your favorite candy or viewing a movie you loved?  Simply enjoy something you did as a child. You'll experience that carefree attitude you had as a kid and notice the weight of worry lessen.

10. Practice small acts of kindness. It's truly amazing the euphoric feeling of contributing to another human being's happiness. And what's even more fascinating is the correlated happiness you receive in return. So when you sense that window of opportunity opening to lend a hand, or even share an encouraging phrase -  go with it.

11. Express gratitude. Verbalize your thanks to family and friends or put pen to paper and write down your thoughts. Take it to the next step and create our gratitude jar to make it a regular part of your schedule!

12. Spend time with an animal. There's a reason animals are brought into hospitals and retirement homes to cheer up residents. They have a noticeable effect on people's happiness and overall moods. If you have a pet, spend some time playing with your dog. If you don't, donate some time to a local shelter or visit someone with furry friends!

13. Make time for rest and relaxation. It seems all too often sleep is the thing that gets the boot when our schedules get hectic. But a good night's rest can make dramatic differences in your stress levels! Even budgeting in a quick 20 minute nap in your day has shown to be beneficial.



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