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{Lifestyle} Reflect Your Personality in Home Decor

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Your home is your haven - whether it's a studio, bungalow or an 8-bedroom Tudor. This special space should be expressive and indicative of your personality. We're providing a few useful tips for contemporary, vintage and bohemian styles. Happy decorating, AMaVo loves!


1. Experiment with the idea of bold color combinations, geometric prints and pattens. Don't shy away from it!


2. Play around with inventive layouts and arrangements. Determine your dimensions so you can accurately plan seating arrangements and options for furniture order.


3. Explore new artwork. Artists provide new perspectives on the world and can easily exhibit the attitudes and trends you're inclined towards.


4. Pinpoint innovative furniture design. A definitive way to display a preference for contemporary interior design is to select chairs, tables, couches that reflect a fresh take on form.



1. Scour the flea markets, thrift shops and even rummages sales in your area. This might require some time and dedication, but with a little persistence you're sure to find a diamond in the rough! Mixing pieces that stem from different origins lends authenticity and makes for an intriguing back story anyway.


2. Source from your family. You never know what kind of gems your mother, grandmother or great aunt are just sitting on! You could carry on a special piece, such as antique vanity, headboard or crystal chandelier.


3. Research your favorite historical time periods to identify the styles and trends you prefer. No one said you couldn't assimilate Victorian inspired pieces with Art Deco accents.


4. Do a little DIY. If you're seeking a distressed look for your furniture, find a helpful tutorial and start sandpapering that dresser!


2. Bohemian

1. Visual interest is key in bohemian decor. Display a wide variety in textures, colors, patterns and finishes. Don't be afraid to mix metals, palettes, textiles. You're aiming for a beautiful, mismatched medley.


2. Bring in some greenery! A bonsai tree, a spider plant...choose your favorite flora.


3. Incorporate pieces from your travels for added interest. A mask from Africa or a tapestry from Guatemala are certainly conversation starters and showcase your interests in world culture.


4. Pillows are an easy and rather inexpensive way to interject vivid colors and designs. These comfy decor items can tie together your overall vibe and add to the free-spirited atmosphere.



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