Matching calibration service

LinControl can provide a series of simulation & calibration matching service. The engine & generator selection suggestions, excellent bench performance and customized driving experience can be offered in one-stop manner. It can provide the phase fuel consumption & emission that conform to national standard, reliable OBD diagnosis and testing in touch environment (High temperature, high cold, plateau)

?  Simulation of hybrid system: The system simulation can be utilized at the early stage of project to preliminarily estimate whether the hybrid assembly can meet the pre-set development goal;

?  Selection suggestions for engine and generator: With the combination of experiences from previous projects and system simulation, the selection suggestions can be made to customers;

?  Calibration of generator bench: The motor performance can be tested by calibrating the bench of motor controller and the efficient area can be determined so as to provide basis data for the vehicle phase;

?  Calibration of engine bench: On the premise of satisfaction of project boundary, the fuel consumption and performance can be comprehensively balanced and the previous emission can be optimized, thus alleviating the emission development pressure of vehicle;

?  Bench calibration of hybrid assembly: The optimal generating operation range of hybrid system can be determined and optimized so as to provide theoretical reference for the vehicle application of hybrid assembly;

? Vehicle performance calibration: The vehicle performance can be matched so as to meet the outstanding idling stability, power, acceleration and deceleration performance, meanwhile, the components can be protected as well;

?  Vehicle OBD calibration: The requirements (PVE, J1, J2 and J3) of national laws and regulations (China VI) can be satisfied through the optimized matching of OBD (on-board diagnosis) so as to achieve the accurate fault diagnosis; OBD system can effectively control the emission of motor vehicles by inspecting the performance of emission system;

?  Vehicle rotating hub performance test: The equilibrium of optimal energy consumption and performance can be achieved through the optimized matching of energy consumption;

?  Vehicle rotating hub emission test: The current national emission standard can be satisfied through the emission optimized matching and certain allowance can be reserved to ensure the emission consistency of random inspection of vehicles; 

The vehicle calibration for High temperature, high cold, plateau The excellent start and driving performance, the accuracy of OBD diagnosis; effectiveness of knock control and exhaust temperature protection can be satisfied when the vehicles are under extreme environment (High temperature, high cold, plateau); and the customer’s acceptance requirements can be satisfied as well.