RDE response service

As early as 2018, LinControl has started to interpret RDE regulations and conduct the technical roadmap in order to cope with the emission requirements of realistic driving emissions (RDE) to be implemented. Currently, LinControl can provide the estimation results for the pre-calibration of RDE so as to make the targeted emission optimization calibration strategy and recommend the post-process system. In addition, the RDE test limit requirements within the stipulated boundary condition requirements of RDE can be achieved.

?  RDE test can be applicable to the emission inspection for new vehicles and those are within the normal service life.

?  Vehicle makers should demonstrate the selected vehicles, driving mode, state and load that can represent the vehicle models to environmental protection authorities;

? The vehicles should be under normal driving mode, state and load on the realistic road and the operation methods of AC system and other auxiliary equipment should be the same as the one on the realistic driving of consumers;

RDE test should be conducted on the paved road or street;

?  PEMS should be powered by external power supply, which should not directly or indirectly obtain power from the generator of test vehicles.

?  In case of accidental stalling during test, the engine should be re-started, however, the sampling on the pollutant should not be disrupted.

?  It is not allowed to combine test results of different distances of trave and part or all data in the same distance of travel should not be altered or deleted. Such data should record cold starting emission, but the emission evaluation is not required;

?  Manufacturer should provide access authority for ECU signal and necessary technical supports should be provided;

? Vehicles conducting RDE test can take the type I results of other vehicles in the same configuration as the base emission reference value;

? Whenever mount the PEMS to the vehicles, it is advised to conduct the validation test on the chassis dynamometer according to the type I test driving cycle before or after test.