EV/hybrid vehicle controller

1. Introduction of product function

l  VCU is short for Vehicle Control Unit, which is the control unit of the vehicle. It is the core electronic control unit to achieve the vehicle control decisioning. The driver’s intention can be judged from the gathered signals of accelerator pedal, gears and the brake pedal. In this way, the vehicle state (speed, temperature and etc.) can be monitored and the operating state control command can be sent to power system and power battery system after being processed by VCU, by doing so, the working mode of electric power system of vehicle accessories can be controlled. 


2. Introduction of product performance

l  FeatureVC300A

l  Vehicle model/application: EV grade A passenger car, minivan, mini truck or extended range hybrid 

l  Voltage range of control power supplyV:9-16

l  ConnectorTE121P81+40

l  Input:18 routes of digit, 8 routes of simulation, 3 routes of PWM and 3 routes of hardware wake-up

l  4 routes of high-side, 16 routes of low-side, 3 routes of PWM and 4 routes of sensors to supply power

l  Others: 3 routes of CAN


3. Product features

l  The main control chip adopts the high-performance 32-digit dual-core MCU, which conforms to ASIL-D grade of ISO26262 standard

l  Software adopts AUTOSAR framework and control algorithm has been developed by MATLAB model.

l  Support CCP, UDS, NM agreement, UDS bootloader and OTA.

l  It has sophisticated vehicle control and diagnosis functions.


4.  Product application

l  The vehicle control over the pure electric or range extender models for passenger car, minivan, mini truck