EMS Hybrid EMS

 1. Introduction of product function

l  HECU is the hybrid power and controller developed for hybrid vehicles, containing two function modules, which are, VCU (vehicle control unit) and ECU (electronic control unit).

l  VCU module is the main control unit the vehicle control system, which has many functions including management of vehicle state, high voltage power-on and power-off , driving mode, vehicle energy, vehicle thermal condition, CAN network, fault diagnosis, human-computer interaction, extension, accessories, drive control, driving control, cruise control, creep and energy recovery.

l  ECU module is the electronic control unit of generator. The information input from sensors of generator can be computed and processed according to program and then output commander after making judgement. In this way, the action of pertinent actuators can be controlled and the operation of generator can be controlled as well, thus enabling its performance (power, economical efficiency, emission) to achieve the optimum. The main functions include control over fuel injection, ignition, idling and emission, self-diagnosis and alarm.  


2.  Performance introduction

l  Working voltage9V16V the state function can be up to grade A.

l  Power ripple coefficient2%

l  Working current≤350mA the working current without load

l  Quiescent current ≤2mA25℃12V power supply

l  Anti-electromagnetic interference level:求Grade 3, which can meet the requirements of grade 3 for GB/T18655

l  CAN interface≥ 2 routes

l  Hardware wake up interface≥ 2 routes, with efficient wake-up

l  Level of protectionIP67 meet the requirements of GB/T 4208

l  Working temperature-40℃85℃ meet the regulations of QC/T 413

l  Ambient temperature for storage-40℃125℃meet the regulations of QC/T 413

l  Environment relative humidity≤95%

l  Weight≤1 kg

l  Level of protectionIP67meet the requirements of GB/T 4208


3.   Advantages of product solution

l  The main control chip adopts the high-performance 32-digit dual-core MCU, which conforms to ASIL-D grade of ISO26262 standard

l  Software adopts AUTOSAR framework and control algorithm has been developed by MATLAB model.

l  Support CCP, UDS and NM agreement

l  Support  UDS bootloaderOTA

l  It integrates the functions of hybrid vehicle control and engine control

l  It features for low cost and installation space saving.

l  It meets the OBD diagnosis requirements of Limits and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty vehicles (CHINA VI)


4.   Product application scope

l  HECU is applied to the control over hybrid vehicles, which satisfy the OBD diagnosis requirements of Limits and measurement methods for emissions from light-duty vehicles (CHINA VI). The OBD system can monitor the engine, catalytic converter, particle catcher, oxygen sensor, emission control system, fuel system, EGR and other systems and components. It can link to ECU through information on different components related to emissions. In the event of discharge fault, ECU can identify the fault that cause excessive emission, the damage type and the possible position where the fault may exist. The fault information and related codes can be recorded and the fault light can sound a warning and notify the driver.