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  • Internet of vehicles-Platform architecture engineer



    Research institute-Smart network connection department

    Job responsibilities:

    1.Be responsible for analyzing the state of current platform structure and planning for long-term platform development direction and framework according to the company’s strategic demands

    2.Be responsible for the development of core framework and functional modules

    3.Be responsible for providing solution to the critical technological problems during the development process

    4.Continuously optimize the functions and services of current platform and ensure the safe, stable and efficient operation of the platform system

    Entry requirements:

    1.More than 5-year experience in internet development and 1-year experience in architecture design

    2.Proficiency in Java and profound understanding of  Springboot/Spring MVCMybatisRedisAntMavenGitDubbo and spring cloud. With experience in distributed website configuration and development, distributed storage, caching design and use. Excelling in the big data application architecture.

    3.Excelling in MySQL/Oracle and proficiency in SQL debugging techniques;

    4.Proficiency in non-relational database like mongo/redis

    5.Proficiency in network communication application framework like mina/netty

    6.Rich experience in object-oriented system development and excel in analyzing business requirements and integrating them into object design

    7.Experience in development of internet of vehicles is preferred

    8.Good communication and presentation skills

    9.Excelling in self-learning and proactive in working

  • Senior structure design engineer (automotive electronics)



    Research institute-Hardware design department

    Job responsibilities:

    1. Mechanical structure design(including 3D modelling, 2D drawing and calculation of tolerance chain) for automotive electronics products (including injection molding, stamping parts, aluminum casting, connector and etc.)

    2. Material selection for structural component, intensity design and simulation, heat dissipation design and simulation

    3.Analysis on manufacturability, including the manufacturing and assembly process of structural component

    4. Completion of the collaborative development of the product with engineers for electronics hardware and PCB layout by leading the interference analysis

    5.Leading in compiling the pertinent technical documents of DFEMA, BOM and other structural design

    6.Leading in product upgrade and cost reduction and put forward the feasible comments and suggestions

    7.Provision of problem analysis and solutions to the abnormal testing and pilot production during development

    8.Provision of the technical scheme for structural design and carrying through technical exchange among customers, suppliers and internal functional departments

    Entry requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above, mechanical design and manufacturing, material molding and control engineering or related

    2.More than 3-year development and design experience in automotive electronics products

    3.Excelling in the material property of common plastics/metal/ thermal conductive adhesive and proficiency in the principle of material mechanics and finite element analysis 

    4.Understanding the principle of heat transfer and thermal simulation and manufacturing process including injection molding process/mold/stamping/casting /PCBA welding/assembly

    5.Proficiency in the requirements of IATFA16949 and excelling in the development procedure of automotive electronics products


  • Injection engineer



    Research institute-injection department

    Job responsibilities:

    1.Be responsible for the technical communication with suppliers and customers during project development in terms of engine sensors and actuators

    2.Be responsible for the drawings and digital analogy of engine sensors and actuators;

    3.Be responsible for the sorting out and verification for the characteristic parameters of sensors and actuators.

    Entry requirements:

    1.Undergraduate, majoring in automobile/engine, automotive electronics or related

    2.Proficiency in CAD

    3.With 1-3-year experience in the component development, selection or matching for the vehicle electrical control system/injection system

    4.Good communication and presentation skills

    5.Proficiency in PCBA circuit is preferred

  • System engineer



    Research institute-System application department

    Job responsibilities:

    1.Demand analysis on hardware scheme of EMS system

    2.Hardware scheme design of EMS system, distribution of MCU selection and hardware architecture design    

    3.Demand analysis on underlying program function

    4.Test review on underlying program function

    Entry requirements:

    1.Proficiency in EMS hardware system architecture

    2.Proficiency in NXP, ST, Infineon 32-digit MCU system architecture

    3.Proficiency in the main functions of engine and component performance

    4.Proficiency in hardware and software development of embedded system

    5.Experience in developing underlying drive for 32-digit ST/Infineon series MCU is preferred

  • VCU calibration engineer



    New energy research institute

    Job responsibilities:

    1.The software and vehicle calibration of new energy vehicle controller

    2.Be responsible for the remold of calibrated sample vehicle  

    3.Calibration, publishment and filing of software

    4.Identify the fault reason and provide solution to the pertinent problems of vehicle controller in sample commissioning

    5.Participation in the R&D training pertinent to R&D department

    6.Completion of the work assigned by the superior

    7.Cooperation on the pertinent work with other departments

    8.Keep confidentiality of relevant work content;
    Entry requirements:

    1.Educational background: Bachelor degree or above in automation or related major. 3-year experience in same industry/similar position. With good ability of communication, coordination, learning, innovation and language performance.

    2. Proficiency in software calibration procedure and vehicle calibration method

    3.Proficiency in VCU principle, system composition and control strategy principle

    4.Proficiency in principle and commissioning method of CAN-bus


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