Motorcycle engine management system

1.Introduction of product function

l  Start and idle speed closed loop control

l  Acceleration/deceleration transition working condition control

l  National IV emission standards

l  Self-adaptation control for “High temperature, high cold, plateau” environment

l  OBDⅡ diagnostic strategy function

l  Closed-loop self-learning for fuel oil

l  Oxygen sensor heating control

l  Exhaust temperature model control

l  Vehicle cooling fan control

2. Introduction of product performance

l  High-performance 16/32 microcontroller (MCU) has been adopted for the ECU hardware: wide working temperature range; fast computational speed; large program and data memory; flexible I/O port

l  The integrated drive IC with diagnosis function has been adopted for the ECU drive circuit: the open circuit and short circuit detection of drive output circuit can be achieved.

l  Software adopts the modular C programming language and the FLASH self-programming technology: the modification of calibration data in the program storage can be realized.


3.  Advantages of product solution

l  The closed-loop control can effectively reduce emission, satisfying the stricter emission regulation (GB14622-2016)

l  The optimization of ignition angle under various working conditions can improve the overall performance of the engine.

l  The combustion efficiency can be improved and the fuel consumption can be reduced.

l  The cold start and low-temperature driving performance can be improved.

l  The stability of idling can be improved.

l  The consistency of the working process for the engine can be improved.

l  The application range of engine can be extended.

4.  Product application scope

l  It is applicable to motorcycle engine with displacement 100cc ~ 500cc single cylinder/twin cylinder (synchronous)

l  The carriable vehicles include ATV, UTV, tricycles, straddle bicycles, scooters and bent beam vehicles.