Port Fuel Injection (PFI) engine management system

1. Introduction of product function

l  Satisfaction to the regulatory requirements of national standard GB18532/GB34660

l  Support CAN-UDS diagnosis agreement like ISO15031/ISO15765

l  Electrically controlled supercharging valve 

l  It is equipped with vehicle functions of engine such as PTO, cruise control, PWM fan, one-key idle speed increase, collision fuel cut-off, DVVT and cooling EGR

l  Support the system functions like OTA, remote vehicle lock, stop timing and limp home.


2.  Introduction of product performance

l  MCU:32 digits PowePC frameworke200 kernel

l  Working temperature:-40°~105°C

l  Level of protection: IP67

l  Peripheral interface121PIN

l  Static power<1mA


3.  Product application scope

l  It can be applied to 1.2~2.0 displacement 3/4-cylinder full series of PFI engine. It can support advanced engine control strategies like DVVT, cooling EGR, PWM fan and electronic thermostat. It can support vehicle functions like PTO, cruise control, collision fuel cut-off and PEPS. It can support standard UDS agreement including ISO15765/ISO15031 and etc. It can support online flash OTA, remote vehicle lock, and remote diagnosis.